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Full Version: New at KittyCatS! Mistake Erasers
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Ever have one of those "oops" moments where you partnered the wrong cats, or unboxed the wrong kitten? Have "menagerie remorse" over some cats you turned in long, long ago? We've added the following to the store for you:

- KittyCatS! Break Free Bottle: Unpartners cats partenered less than 24 hours ago for free.

- KittyCatS! Repacker: Repacks cats aged 0 days back into their box.

- KittyCatS! - Miracle Menagerie Bottle: Retrieve up to 3 cats/boxes menageried before we introduced our Menagerie Bottle. (Feb. 2013)

More details below!

Your KittyCatS! Team


1. KittyCatS! - BREAK FREE!!! - a free break up bottle for cats partnered less than 24 hours ago!!! no more oooopsie, YOU PARTNERED ME TO THAT CREEP??? Smile so if you make a mistake, you can fix it free Smile
The regular Break up bottles bought as of this point can no longer unpartner partnerships less than 24 hours old.

The cattery will automatically drop any charge if you break a partnership which was created less than 24 hours ago.

2. KittyCatS! Repacker: Repacks cats aged 0 days back into their cozy warm box. no more DARN, i meant to unpack YOU!!! - if you make a mistake, you can fix it in 24 hours Smile

AND last but NOT least... we have finally finished up something we've been so excited to get to you!

3.KittyCatS! - Miracle Menagerie Bottle! - This miracle bottle will allow you to get 3 cats you menageried before we introduced our Menagerie Bottle. (Feb. 2013) Yes, 3 cats, all the way back to when you started!!!!

We hope you enjoy these new products with our compliments.

You will find them in the entrance at the store on a special table. Smile
Wow - all of these are really useful things. Thank you so much!
*** Miracle Menagerie Bottle? ***

Oh, you wonderful KittyCatS team, I love you! Heart

("RFL Seasons of Hope: Winter," I'll be seeing you soon...... )

Awesome update !!
Thank you so much the team Heart

The only problem is that we're now running low on stuff to complain about Dodgy

But give us a few days to recover and i'm sure we'll come up with something … Tongue
oh my gosh..this is so wonderful! THANK YOU! Heart
Thank You KittyCatS, Your Greatness!! I already got all three of my first kitties I had back TY =)
Wow! ...happy dances and grabs his big brother's hands and spins and spins and...falls... I wonder what kitties we'll bring back from the land of milk and catnip!
Thank you KittyCatS Team for helping to make things easier for those of us who make lots of mistakes! (...points to his chest...and whispers, "Like me!")
Thank you sooo much!
Thank you so much for the wonderful additions to the KittyCats World. We appreciate you!
Heart Heart Heart
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