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Full Version: Hidden Soft Curl and more @ Kessa's Cats in Just Too Adorable
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Stunning cats waiting for good homes with YOU! Big Grin

? "Softly Curling Ears", a Foxie Salty with Tapestry Harvest, Twinkle, Ody 2 & white whiskers. Mom *shows* SOFT CURL EARS which are likely hidden on this baby!

? "Palomino", a Bali Cream girl with mysterious Tapestry Harvest, BooBoo tail, Rounded ears & white mysterious whiskers. She hides a lot from dad's Foxie side, including Ody Bell.

? "Snow Fantasy", a Foxie Salty with Ody Bellini, Twinkle & BooBoo tail. Mom's side goes back to Christmas cats with a lot still hidden.

Also several great boxes (Blush shade & Vampire ears, Bali Creams..) and some collectibles available. Happy to negotiate prices if you've seen it elsewhere for better. Smile
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