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Full Version: Flash & Twinkle Shade!
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Bali Cream - Ody Kaleidoscope eyes!
Bali Cream - Fancie Pink Diamond eyes!
Bali Cream -Ody Rainbow eye - Shorty tail!

Bali Seal - Apple eyes!
Bali Seal - Ody Terra- Frazzled Whiskers!
Bali Seal - Ody Rainbow eyes!

Abyssinian Black Silver - Double Dip Flora eyes!

Aby Creme - 18 Ct Gold eye!


Bali Seal - BlueBerry eyes!
Bali Seal - Rainbow Prism eyes!

Aby Ruddy
Bali Blue
Bali Lilac
Burm Champ
Foxie Blondie, S&P
Oci Choc

...and more..come see what we have in these nice shade colors!

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