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Full Version: Our First Auction
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Hello to all of our KittyCatS friends!

Maxwell and I, Skippy, will be participating in our first kitty auction this weekend! We've been breeding our Vampire Kitties for a very long time now, and we finally feel we have a pair of Vampires, a beautiful boy and girl, who are ready to step onto the podium, and into the spotlight. They're both identical 9T black russian kitties with piercing passion eyes and regal vampire ears.

We're proud to present to you Lord and Lady Raven.

[Image: 12467410573_e0e004a0db_b.jpg]

My amazing big brother said it best when he shared their story:

"One October long ago two rambunctious elf boys, Skippy and Maxwell, crept out of their “orphanage” bedroom window and down the trunk of an ancient oak tree that grew outside their window, in order to celebrate the zenith of the Hunters Moon that evening. The two young elves had seen the full moon rising in the clear October skies and they decided to head towards the ruins of the local castle in order to celebrate this important elven festival.

As they began to dance in the midst of the ruined castle, they both heard a faint meowing coming from the shadows deeper in the castle grounds and decided to pause their celebrations and go to investigate. As first they thought they could see two pairs of glowing embers, like a roasting fire, but as they approached they found two tiny baby passion-eyed kittens huddled together, shivering in the cool balmy October night.

The two young elves carefully picked the kittens up and nestled them gently in their elven cloaks, returning to their “orphanage” home, to show them to the resident priests the following day.

However, the following day, they were hesitant to declare their antics of the previous evening until they heard the sounds of Cardinal Snowfield singing “Onward Christian Soldiers” in the church study annex. Perhaps, if he was in a good mood, it may be the right time to explain what they had done and how they had found two baby kittens the previous night.

They both ran into the church office, to find Cardinal Snowfield looking mournfully at a portable television screen perched upon his desk. Apparently, “Christian Soldiers” had fallen at the first fence and the cardinal had “lost” this week’s church collection.

Skippy passed Cardinal Snowfield the two elves’ pocket money for that week as Maxwell’s eyes spotted a remarkable coincidence from the “Racing Times” laying on the cardinal’s desk: two horses, The Vampire King and The Vampire Queen, were running in two consecutive races at Kempton Park, later that afternoon. The two elves suggested that Cardinal Snowfield could “invest” their pocket money to cheer himself up.

Suffice to say, the rest is history, both the Vampire King and the Vampire Queen came first in their respective races and Cardinal Snowfield took the two lost kittens to his heart in his subsequent glee!

Despite displaying a “Found” poster on the church notice board the two kittens were never claimed and so they became two well-loved pets of Maxwell and Skippy, named after the two racing horses at Kempton Park from that afternoon.

From these two gorgeous Russian Black kittens, many litters of kittens were produced. Maxwell and Skippy decided to choose the very best of the best and breed these, when their two pets had become old and retired.

And so on and so on, until last week when Maxwell and Skippy celebrated the festival of Imbolc around the ancient Stone Circle. Some of the Great Great … Grandkittens of The Vampire King and The Vampire Queen were watching, mesmerized by the strange elven chants. Perhaps some of the magic of that event must have worn off because all the subsequent boxes were so very special indeed. The pair that you see before you were produced at that time, both being fully nine-traited perfect Vampire Kittens (one male and one female) with a long pedigree of magical vampire kittens.

One can only guess at the wondrous story that this pair may go on to produce, should they be birthed and bonded together."

[Image: 12467420513_38184c488b_b.jpg]

We do hope you stop by the auction this weekend! And make sure to say hello to Lord and Lady Raven. They're sitting on Podium Six!

Nino Heartsdale's KittyCatS Auction
SATURDAY, 15th February, 10.00 am SLT
VENUE: ScratchN Post Too
Miss Nino's Auction

[Image: 12467737834_71b97e9d4e_b.jpg]

And if you'd like to read more about the Vampire King and Queen, you should stop by and check out mine and Maxwell's journals:
Maxwell's Journal
Skippy's Journal
Both Skippy and I are looking forward to Miss Nino's auction. We have always felt that her photographic preparation is absolutely superb and now we have found out that her pre-auction organisation is perfect too. To be honest, we had wanted to nominate a suitable kitten for auction right back in the days of Miss Nino's film premier-themed auctions but we wanted to match her professionalism with a kitten of suitably high calibre too. It is only recently that we can select a candidate from our catteries that is perfect, having perfect parents and suitable grandparents too. We are both looking forward to the auction this weekend. It will give us a chance to wear our tuxedoes!

good luck with the auction
Good luck, guys!
All my best wishes to both in his special auction dayHeart . Lord and Lady Raven have the wonderful essence of all beautiful love because
they are lineage from The King Vampire? & The Queen Vampire?.
It is full love in all process to finally got nine Vampires and his Magic Story. Congratulation, guys! Wink

xoxo, Vampi?
Thank you everyone for your kind words and thoughts. Maxwell and I appreciate the support that we're given in this amazing community.
Maxwell and I enjoyed the evening before tomorrow's auction reading together.

[Image: 12527474623_36c33dd492_b.jpg]

Maxwell pulled one of the big dusty books off of the shelves in our library and we sat huddled close together on our sofa by the fire, and Maxwell read to me the poem "The Raven".

You can read all about it here: A Ghostly Tale for a Stormy Evening

We were inspired by Lord and Lady Raven, who we do hope will find a very special home tomorrow! Do stop by Miss Nino's amazing auction! It starts at 10am SLT tomorrow!

Miss Nino's Auction
Awww - I am truly honoured to be auctioning your very first kitties boys! I hope that I will do justice to such a beautiful and noble pair of kitties! Heart
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