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Full Version: Dreamy Whiskers 2/3 Chance Hider On Bid.
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Hi all

My 1st kitten from parents of the 1st Dreamy is on bid boards, please be aware i can not fully guarantee that this hides Dreamy but both special parents do hide dreamy.

You can see and bid on baby here :

Pedigree to Baby thats on bid :

Links to family history so far for you to make up your own mind :

Link 1 Mom & Dad 1st Baby :[/u]

Link 2 Mom 2nd Baby Dominique :

Link 3 Dad 2nd Baby Jourdaine :

Link 4 Mom 3rd Baby Kalan :

Link 5 Dad 3rd Baby Rodger :

Link 6 Mom 4th Baby :

Link 7 Dad 4th Baby :

Link 8 Both Parents Joint :
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