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Full Version: Live Plus % Love ~~> Cloud Nine Kitties
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? 8T Foxie Salt Ody Bellini Glit PSF 2Ton
? 8T Abyss BS Gerbera Blue Illu BB PSF FRAZZLED
? 8T Pandie Ebony Silv Cryst Clear ChopChop OdyNo2
? 7T Chateau Pink Mid Sky Glit Ody No1 (MOF)
? Pandie Ebony Platinum (Chop Chop OdyNo2) <~~ try for Kitty of Month
? Naughty Kitty! - Naughty Bengal ~ only 399L~

Plus Foxie Blush Quartz pair~Tapestry Harvest & Allure eyes ~
new Angel
I updated list for what remains Big Grin
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