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Full Version: I lost my cat Mamie
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I walked with two cats on my hands and suddenly one cat was gone.
At first I thought that he co-starred with me but I did not find it in my inventory.
It's been over two weeks and Mamie not come back to me.
What to do?

[Image: twXHTsZsHDM.jpg]
Hiya !

The best for you is to file a support ticket on this website (the tabulation just under KittyCatS banner),
don't forget to add Mame's ID number to the ticket (you can find it on the pedigree page), so the support
team can send her back to you.

Best of luck !

Hikari Smile
It's under the support tab and you just hit "file a ticket" Smile

I could have sworn I saw that cat at the Apache mall!

Brown and white fur, right????

Then two days later, it was at the Too Adorable mall!

Sometimes it seems like there are five of em in one store!

I know I must be seeing things!

Its getting around, prowling!

You need to call Kitten Longmeadow to reel that thing in.

Support ticket time!

Mamie is gonna have some wild stories to tell when she gets back Wink

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