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Full Version: L@@K @ Our Too Adorable Bid Boards-We Help You Spam
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{Will Be Updated as often as possible, but more so in our group chat. Come join Adorable Pets KittyCatS by pasting this in world in local chat


or by finding the group joiners around the sim.}

High Traffic Beautiful sim with lots of wonderful staff to help You spam your kitties.
If you have any questions staff online indicator boards are near the bid boards contact us anytime for assistance

New Look & New Traits Adorable Bid Boards!!

Don't forget to peak at the pedigrees Lots of Lovely Hiddens

{Amazing Kitty line up}[/color]

❀ 5T Genesis Ginger, FL, Cur, DREAMY FOLD
❀ 4T Genesis Ginger, Frsky, Cur, CREAM Sassy
❀ ♂ Lucky Leopard-MegaPuss
❀ 9T Aby DC, Jade, GL, TgCrl, WldTgr,Latte Frazz
❀ ♂♀ 8T Bengal Black, Onyx, TW/Blsh, Fussy, Vamp, Wht/2Tn

❀ & Many More Boards open now!

Also check out FlickR spam where I post pictures of live cats when people put them up on our bid boards Just an extra way to get your best prices at Adorable! Check them out Here:
?? & MANY MORE!!!! ??

Slurl to TP to the bid boards below

Slurl to Bid Boards 2:

?We Help You Spam?

* 2012-2015 AVI Choice Award * Favorite Breedable Market
New Bid Board Area, Check it Out!
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