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Full Version: Nika This Week 6pm Friday @ ScratchN Post... Lineup includes a Snowshoe Cream Hider
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Same Time, Same Place, Same Auctioneer, just a different Day, Yes this week we will be having our auction on Friday at 6pm with Nika @ The ScratchN Post

Foxie Soft Black Pft Mercury +2 TEACUP (HIDES SS CREAM)
Chat Black & White 1 Pft Canary SWANKY Whiskers + 2
Foxie Salt & Pepper Apple +6 MEGA
Bali Cream Pft Ody Bellini +4
Chat Coffee & Cream 1 Morning Glory +4 TOY
9T Ocicat ES Huckleberry Wild Tiger
Bengal Snow Pft Blush Quartz Wild Tiger +3
9T Ocicat ES Tapestry Organica
SS Choc LIC Porcelain +4 TEACUP
Russian White Apple Vampire +4

Raffle: Chat Slate & White 1 +1 TEACUP
Lineup is updated... cant wait for tonights auction, hope everyone is in the Seasonal spirit Smile
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