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Full Version: Cattery Cats not gaining love at same rate
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Over the 24 hours I've noticed that the cats in the cattery are no longer gaining love at the same rate. At first I thought it was my imagination but when I looked another pair I got my confirmation. In one of my paired kitties, the girl is 98% and the boy is 96%. This is not possible because 1) they have not left the cattery at any time 2) they have never run out of milk and 3) this pair was mated to each other last time so they both hit zero at the same time but now they're showing a 2% difference.

I noticed the same thing last night with 6 other pairs with there being a difference of only 1%. I thought it was strange as all 6 gave birth at the same time but I ignored the discrepancy. Now as I look around the cattery I see the same difference of 1 or 2% in most (not all) of the pairs.
Hi Elke Smile

The problem occured while adding the new functonality to the cattery.

It ony affected some cats, not all, thats why there is a difference.

As it was impossible to figure out which cats were affected, all cats have been boosted an equal amount of love afterwards though to make up for the mistake. (this means that some cats will have gained a bit to much love by now).

Note that differences are also possible when one cat is under influence from milk or cuddeling and one not, or when one is very hungry.

Thanks. I was hoping it was a temporary glitch because of the new features added rather than an ongoing glitch. Smile
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