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Full Version: KittyCatS Winter Decoration Contest!!!
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KittyCatS Winter Decoration Contest!

Decorate a Winter Space with a KittyCatS scene!

The contest will be held at our KittyCatS Winter Wonderland, every participant will get 150 prims to decorate their Cabin.

Decorating will go on from 1st December till 5th December. Voting will start on the 6th December and will close on the 12th December. Winners will be chosen by a combination of a community vote and a KittyCatS! judging panel. Winners will be announced on the 14th December!

The KittyCatS Wonderland will be Open through the month of Decemeber and we will feed provide the food for all the cats.

Prizes are:
1st Prize 10.000 L$
2nd Prize 7.500 L$
3rd Prize 5.000 L$

The first and second place will also be featured at our main store in December!

- One stall per person
- At least one KittyCatS has to be in the scene
- PG content

Note: We invite you to use your creativity and imagination as you set up your little Winter Space. Imagine others taking a peek into a scene you create! Whether it be a warm cozy winter theme or a funky KittyCat Disco Party, the sky is the limit!

If you want to participate in the contest please send a notecard to Equinox Pinion so she can set you up There are limited places avaible so apply fast
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