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Full Version: Boxed and Retired Collectables For SALE :D
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Hi KittyCat lovers,

The following items I HAVE up for SWAP Or SALE/BUY:

Scrambled Eggs, Quiche, 1 Female, boxed 2000 lindens
Scrambled Eggs, Hard Boiled, 1 Female, boxed 2000 lindens
Wild Flowers, Vivid Violet, 1 Male boxed 2500 lindens
Wild Flowers, Shadow Dancer, 1 Male and 1 Female, boxed 2500 lindens each
Wild Flowers, Citrus Blossom, 1 Male and 1 Female, boxed 2500 lindens each
Blue Moon Fancie Ocicat-permapetted 27k lindens (Special collection cat obtained only through gems)
Frankenkitty boy+girl spot dot multi-coloured, both boxed (rare Halloween 2012) 10k lindens each
SnowBall - Exclusive Winter gift 2012 permapetted 7,000 lindens
KittyCatS! 2nd Birthday - Lime & Grape permapetted 7,000 lindens each
Dreams Of Eire Special Saint Patrick's Day 2013 Boxed Collection Kitten- 5,000 lindens
RFL - Century Of Hope - (both lad & lady available) boxed 4,000 lindens each
Retired live: Wild FlowerS! - Shadow Dancer - 995 lindens
Retired live Saint Patrick customed with original top hat and original vest Russian Black Shamrock green eyes cat - 995 lindens
hApPy biRtHdaY! - SL10B - permapetted 7,000 lindens
*What I am looking for are the following:

1-Lavender Dream purple Fancie Ocicat boxed only.
2-Leprekitten retired/live/sick/permapetted.Any state unboxed!
3-Wild flower! Spring Sky megapuss!! PLZ PLZ PLZ!
4-Skelecat Tell Tale retired/live/sick/permapetted.Any state unboxed!
5-Valentine 2011 XOXO Boxed Only.
6-Tea/Toy sunny side up.
7-Tea/Toy cookiecat: Messy.
8-Teas/toys Steampunk Nikki Girl and Goldie Boy+Girl.
9-Lazy dazies pink, orange, blue, retired/live/sick/permapetted.Any state unboxed!
10-Megapusses: Silly Spooks: trippy,nobody,happy.
11-Megapusses: Hello-Kitteh: pandemonium.
12-Megapusses: SuperCats: Orange,Purple,Rainbow both boy+girl, needed.
Let me know which ones of what I have would work with what you have for a good decent fair swap, Or Sale/Buy, please let me know whichever via IM or notecard me if I'm offline and we'll definitely discuss it further to ensure and secure both sides are happy, many thanks and respect!

Hope to hear from you Soon Hugs!

Kammy Fullstop
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