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Full Version: Vampire Kitties live Annex
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Today is Hunter's Moon! Why don't you treat yourself.

[Image: 10359374603_6b58dd7753_c.jpg]

If you would prefer something traditional for Hallowe'en, we have a variety of live vampire kitties, all gaining love and ready to produce a box very soon!

We have a selection of live kittens at L$295 (Purple Rain, Odyssey Rainbow, Rainbow Prim or Genesis Earth eyes)

We even have one live passion-eyed vampire at L$495.

Why don't you take a broomstick down to our shop and have a look for yourself.

(Sorry, since posting this advert, the MegaPuss and the two live cats on the right of the picture have all been sold.)
There are still a few live kitties left! All gaining love. All ready to join you and your cats. They make an excellent addition to anyone's hallowe'en festivities!
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