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Full Version: The KittyCatS! Exhibition Grand Opening Today
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The KittyCatS! ExhibitioN Grand Opening at The ScratchN Post (^._.^)~ is today!

[Sunday, October 13th - 12noon to 3pm]

Have you ever seen all of the KittyCatS! Collectibles in one place? The KittyCatS! ExhibitioN at The ScratchN Post has them and much much more! ComeN take a look at these gorgeous kitties, all under one roof! Plus, we're gonna have a huge party with the one and only DJ Tawny Dinzeo!!

*While you are here, enter our Special Raffle just outside the Exhibition! 13 weeks free rental up for grabs (Free entry to the raffle and no strings attached!) Just click the board Smile
*Also, today is the last day of our CelebratioN & CreatioNs HuNt... do not miss out on these awesome goodies, scattered all over our sims! (Look out for the posters).
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