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Full Version: floating cat
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All of a sudden my cat started floating. It all started after I dropped it recently and it is stuck in the air walking. I tried resetting the home position but it doesn't make a difference and I even tried taking it into my inventory and rezzing it again but nothing will work. Won't even let me interact with it.
Hi Desdemona,

Please file a ticket at so we can fix this bug for you.

Thanks Smile

I've seen these weird 'hoovering' cats before!

Usually its the result of the cat messing around with a Ouija board.

They get their paws on the thing when nobody is looking,

and the next thing you know they have


As long as its not meowing in Latin,

its usually easily fixed by kitteh spiritual medium


She's been reaching across the spirit realm for a long time now

and can usually bring a poltergeist cat back from the dark side.

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