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Full Version: New Baby Kitties (9 T) in Shop.... Megas & RUBY!
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? Ruby For Special Fancie Kitty

? Mega Siam Flame Ody Bellini Twinkle
? Mega Aby Lilac Ody Rain Twink Ody Ears
? Mega Le Tigre Cobalt & Olivine

? Fancie Dusky Diamond Ebony Twinkle~ 9 T Eyes Really Sparkle!
? Tapestry Royale Ebony Twinkle~ 9 T Stunning Eyes!
? HuckleBerry Ebony Twinkle~ 9 T Too pretty on this Kitty Smile

? Fancie Blue Diamond Snowy Twinkle~9 T
? Fancie Blue Twinkle Aby Lilac~ 9 T
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