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Full Version: Acronym List
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Hi Folks,

Is there a list of acronyms somewhere? I only today realized that LE stood for limited edition. Blush

What is OS?

Also, is there a compiled list of lingo/slang/acronyms somewhere?

If not, maybe we should make one?

If people want (and such a thing does not exist yet), I'll take everything people say in this thread and make a Notecard with it all. Then, I'll give it out to people to include in the newbie information many people in the fine Kittycats community already hand out.
OS = offspring
(08-20-2013 07:26 AM)Cutie Rau Wrote: [ -> ]OS = offspring

Thank you! I keep reading it as Operating System. Blush
(08-20-2013 07:27 AM)Thorn Witrial Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you! I keep reading it as Operating System. Blush

ROFLLL!!! I thought the exact same thing when I started with KittyCats Smile
I would suggest putting one together for the wiki page and linking to the SL Acronym page if possible.

p.s. lol yes my first thought for os was the same.
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