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Full Version: WISH for Color-Tweaking Option on Leather Stitched Collars
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I don’t often put collars on my cats, but when I do --- I want what I want. Wink

I have seen and purchased very creative and clever collars designed by some extraordinarily talented folks. Often, though, what I want is a very simple, yet well-made, collar that complements both the fur and eye color of the cat. The ones I love best for this purpose are the stitched leather collars at the KittyCatS Mainstore --- the ones with the little metal plaques on the front (“Fabulous” “Precious” etc.) or the studded or plain stitched leathers. (Yes, I think that stitched leather look is a key factor in quality!)

The just-right colors, though, aren’t always available in these styles. For instance, today I wanted a collar for a ChangingLeaf-eyed cat and had to settle for Lime, which is just a bit too bright and detracts from the lovely eye color.

To my chagrin and frustration, I don’t have a program for making my own collars (though I’ve tried anyway, unsuccessfully!). My collar WISH is that these collars could be made for sale to us…. but with the option, somehow, for the color to be tweaked for what appeals to the owner and the owner's sense of what complements the kitty’s coloring.




I agree with you. As gorgeous as every ones collars are I love the plaque collars in the mainshop, but can never find the right color to go with my kitty, or the right word on the right collar color.
I would suggest a color changer script if possible? Then we can match eye's, fur, or gender.
(08-15-2013 12:37 PM)devilness chant Wrote: [ -> ]... I love the plaque collars in the mainshop, but can never find the ... right word on the right collar color.

Yes! I would love to have an option to apply the word (name!) I want on the collar, too. I have bracelets that come with HUDs for color-changing and word-choosing; surely something like that could be made for the collars - even if it's just a one-time opportunity for each collar.

I would certainly be willing to pay more for such a collar, and be thrilled that I am getting exactly what I want for my [usually perma-petted] kitty!
I would suggest contacting a collar creator in the community and asking them about making you a custom collar. There really isn't going to be a way to edit the collar after it is attached to the cat without making the cats themselves modify which I am sure we can agree would cause a great many issues. As for changing the collar before you apply it there is an issue as well because the scripts read the texture UUID to apply them to the cat properly. Mush more complicated then what I have said goes into it I am sure.

Also when you "tint" something you tint the whole thing not just areas, so that lovely name plate you like is now green, pink, blue or purple that you used to tint the collar.

I know I myself have made some plated collars as have others and I know many myself included will do reasonable priced customs. For what you are asking a color change as well and name added to the name plate I would typically charge 150L which is simply double my normal collar prices. Possibly less if I can resell that design.

Also please keep in mind there are SO MANY different variations of furs and eye colors it is nearly impossible to have something to match all the possible combos.
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